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Bile Duct Concern

Please help me....I'm frustrated and in pain.  Heres a little history and whats going on.  I had my gallbladder removed approx. 5 yrs ago.  Everything seemed fine, no complications.  Fast forward several years.  About 1 year ago i started experiencing several nausea in the mornings between 4am and 7am, almost daily.  The nausea is so severe that my mouth starts to water, i get a lump in my throat and experience severe cramping in my abdomon.  Unfortunately, at the same time, I was experiencing kidney stones (again).  I explained what was going on to my PC and she believed it had to do with my kidney stones.  I ended up have kidney surgery to get rid of the stone and actually felt a relief from the nausea for a while.  The relief didnt last long and I was full swing again with the nausea and pain but this time it followed with a bowel movement.  This is such pain that I am buckled over or in the fetal position during the episodes.  I have recently gone to the doctor again.  My PC referred me to a GI.  After explaining everything....again....he ordered a colonoscopy and endoscopy.  Both came back fine.  And I was supposed to see him for a follow up appt Aug 10th.  My mother-in-law was concerned so started to do some research on the internet.  Thank God she did!  She asked me if I had had my gall bladder removed.  I told her yes and she explained some of the complications that can happened and that all my symptoms sounded like there may be some problems with my bile duct.  So I requested and ERCP test from my doctor but he sent me in for CT.  The CT showed some problems in my bile duct area.  Hmmmm, interesting.  NOW, my doctor requested a MRCP test (last friday).  My pain is increasing and now I feel a burning sensation in the middle of my abdomon, between my ribs (where my incision is from my gall bladder removal).   I called the doctors office today to see if they had the results and they did.  GOD forbid I actually get to talk to my GI about all of this.  Im still waiting for my follow up appt from the Colonoscopy a month ago.  The nurse explained to me that the MRCP did show that the clamp/clip from my gall bladder removed is compromised.  Of couse she would not explain anything else to me and said I would need to discuss it with my doctor of wednesday.  My question is:  Should I be concerned?  What does it mean to have the clip compromised?  Im actually kinda scared and still in alot of pain.  I would appreciated ANY help or advise.  Thank you!!!
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Hi -- I am not familiar but I paraphrased your ? to see if anybody else may have an answer for you ...

My question is:  Should I be concerned?  What does it mean to have the clip compromised?  Im actually kinda scared and still in alot of pain.  I would appreciated ANY help or advise.  Thank you!!!

Please keep us posted and maybe call your Dr to ask .. that's always the best way to get info when we aren't sure after being told about a condition, etc.

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I'm so sorry to see that you didn't get any real answers...  would love to hear if you have any updates, as I'm experiencing a lot of the same symptoms...  and have had bouts of it for years, only to be told by drs that there's 'nothing wrong with me' and not wanting to order any expensive tests.  I did get a couple good replies to my post a couple days ago, that I am definitely going to follow up on.  I pray all is so much better for you, and again, if you wouldn't mind updating, I would love to hear how it's going.
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