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Can having your gallbladder removed cause memory loss?

My mother in law had her gallbladder removed and returned to work a week and a half later. Shortly after returning to work, she suffered memory loss. She would forget where she was, what day it was, her closet friends and family members. Her memory has gotten better. She also became depressed and constantly asks everyone what happened to her. She has diabetes( Type 2 I believe). We're trying to figure out what caused the memory loss the diabetes or the gallbladder removal.
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Now she's throwing up yellow bile. Is there a diet she should be following?
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The memory loss is definitely not related to her gallbladder removal. This may very well be caused by the diabetes problems. The brain relies on glucose for a variety of it's functioning. So both hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia can present brain issues, including memory loss.

But the vomiting maybe a sign that her recovery from her recent surgery hasn't gone quite right. Please see her doctor asap and touch base with both issues. Hope she starts feeling better.
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My father has same problem after stone removable.. Surgery...Doctor  removed his gallbladder...After this he is not recognizing us...Pls help
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