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Chest discomfort due to Gallstones/Gallbladder - Has anyone experienced this??

Hello-I was diagnosed with gallstones back in 2017 and also was told that my gallbladder was barely functioning.  I decided not to have surgery for various reasons (too long of a story).  I had my bouts with pain but it was more than tolerable.  Fast forward to this year....under severe stress, suffer from Panic Disorder and health anxiety.  I have had all kinds of test because of heart burn, pain in the chest, etc.  I have been cleared by my Cardiologist which gives me SOME peace of  mind.  But I am having stinging sensations in the middle of my chest and today a really weird and NEW symptom, my chest just felt kind of numb.  My stomach hurts all the time and I am having pain on my right side.  I am constipated but that could be do to gatro issues.  I just don't know what to do.  Has anyone experienced ANY of these symptoms?  
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