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Do I need gallbladder removed?

I was hospitalized for 10 days with pancreatitis. They had no clue what caused it. They said my gallbladder was fine.

Foward 16 days, I land back in a different hospital who said pancreatitis was gone but I had the complication of a very large, baseball sized pancreatic pseudocyst. They said don't worry about pseudocyst, it's no big deal, it will go away. (Huh?) They said gallbladder was partially blocked. (Huh?) They pushed and and pushed coaxed and wheedled, trying to get me to have my gallbladder out via laproscopy but I resisted. My instincts were screaming so loud they were deafening. I felt they were holding something back.

Next morning, I found out what was being held back from me. I told them I was close to agreeing to surgery until one P.A. told me they would have do the long, traditional cut because of the cyst. (Meaning at least 3 months recovery instead of one weak recovery!) I became upset, asked why they didn't tell me that yesterday, can we pop the cyst or wait til it shrinks? P.A. responded by saying I'll ask G.I. and put you on the surgery schedule and promptly left. I said to her back we're not doing anything until you people answer my questions. I paged the nurse asking for someone to talk to me. She promised the surgeon would be in "soon". Six hours later, no surgeon. And no one else, either. I asked again for answers, no one came.

Next morning, surgeon finally came and spent some 45 seconds with me. I said can we get rid of cyst? Can we wait? "He said I had up to 60 days or more and gallbladder was in  no imminent danger and "We'll talk to the GI team and get back to you". They never did. Six hours later, some doctor came to ask if I was going to have the surgery. I said "Are you people going to answer my questions or not? I'm feeling jerked around, manipulated and mistrustful of you people." He said "Oh, I'm sorry, how bout we send you home?" I said "If that's your answer, by all means, PLEASE do!" Sent me home with a prescription for antacids because "I could get ulcers!". How incredibly juvenile and incredibly stupid!

So now I'm home, avoiding fat and sugar and I feel fine. They said I wouldn't. I'd be back in days. Wrong.

Can anyone clue me in on this damn gallbladder???? I think the cyst is the issue, not the gallbladder. I'm seeking a second opinion. And a third.

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Pseudocyst appears to be resolving on it's own.

Definitely NOT getting gallbladder removed. Nothing is wrong with it.
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Pancreatic pseudocysts can develop as a serious complication of pancreatitis. Biliary complications,  can occur when a large cyst blocks the common bile duct. This can cause jaundice. If the pseudocyst is benign and is not causing any complications, it can be left alone. However, if symptomatic, it can be drained by endoscopy or removed surgically. So, if the cyst is compressing on the common bile duct it needs to be removed. Consult your doctor for a second opinion and based on the findings you can decide. Good Luck.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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