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Ejection Fraction rate too high?

Our 16 year old daughter has been experiencing pain in her UR quadrant of her abdomen.  This has been an on going issue for almost 2 years and has gotten worse since Oct. 2012.  She has had CT, endoscopy, colonoscopy, Xrays, bloodwork, urinalysis, been admitted to the hospital twice and has had 7 ER visits.  Five of which were at our Children's Hospital. They also put her on Levbid, but that has done nothing for her.  Everything comes back normal, which obviously we are pleased about that there is nothing seriously wrong...but her HIDA Scan was 97% EFR...is this too high?  
Her symptoms all point towards gallbladder problems.  She is to the point where she is barely eating because everything she eats makes her feel nauseous and she is on the toilet.  She lays curled up in a ball in fetal position in pain...I am at my wits end trying to help her.
This past time few days ago...they discharged us stating she needed to go to "coping therapy" to deal with her
pain. I think my daughter has something medically wrong that can be fixed.
Is 97% too high of an EFR...should we be concerned?  Can someone please tell us we are not crazy and can be helped?  
We need some answers!!!!!!!!!!
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That is very high depending on how the study was done. The more important question is whether her symptoms were reproduced when the CCK wa given to her during the study. Data seems to argue that symptom reproduction is a better predictor of symptom resolution following cholecystectomy than the ejection fraction. Biliary dyskinesia has become the most common indicator for cholecystectomy in the pediatric population.
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I'm curious if you have found a resolution yet?  Other than the "coping therapy."  I'm dealing with almost the exact thing as you with my 11 year old son.  We were told it's functional abdominal pain and the best thing for him is behavioral therapy.  Meanwhile he's not eating and losing weight quickly.  It's so frustrating!
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You are not alone!  I am 39 yrs old. I have been experiencing serious pains in center of upper abdomen which will radiate down my right side, right along my rib cage & kinda right up under it.  I also have pain in my back shoulder blade area.  Sometimes I even have chest pains or pain in my right arm (thought I was having heartattack).  Extreme nausea is constant no matter what I eat.  The pain will wake me in the middle of the night.  My shirt, bra, or even seatbelt actually hurt!  Had ultrasound...no stones visible.  Had HIDA Scan w/ CCK.....91% functioning of gallbladder. Sick as a dog during last part of test....cold sweats The only time I felt good was when I couldnt take it anymore & tried to get into my doctor.  However, they had no openings so I had to take myself to the ER.  Once they pumped all the medication in me I actually felt human again.  That only lasted until meds out of system.  Unbelievable!  No clue what to do now....just suffer I guess!  If you find out anything let us know.  
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Data in the literature would argue a 93% chance of symptom resolution if you have your gallbladder removed. Yours is about a good a story as you are going to find.
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