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Gallbladder removed 7 years ago

Hi My name is Kory and this is my first time on a forum.
I am here because I feel like have exhausted all options on getting some sort of reprieve from my chronic stomach issues.
I have had stomach issues for the better  part of my life ( IBS ) 34 now started when I was in my mid teens.
I have had upper and lower Gi’s with no real findings.
I had my gallbladder removed 7 years ago and ever since then my symptoms have gotten worse.
I quit drinking seven years ago, quit smoking three years ago.

For the past 3 years me and my partner who also has gi issues have for the most part ate a very good diet.  We cook at home and eat GMO free organic foods. I am gluten intolerant for sure so I do eat gluten free products. I’ve recently cut out dairy to see if it could help. But for the last couple months I’ve been almost daily dealing with severe pains in my abdomen left and right sides. Lots of loose watery sometimes mucus stools. Pain in guts increase when this happens naturally.
I have also had stomach bloating and gas often as well.  
Frequent red blood in stools. I can feel a wet sensation and get sharp pains when I’m about to pass blood as well.
For the last week I’ve been able to eat barely anything without having a BM immediately after. I’m pretty much in the Brat diet.

I’ve been to the my gi dr and no meds have helped and they never wanna try to find out what the underlying problem is Just give me a pill.
I’ve been taking probiotics to try and help as well.
I’m Wondering if SIBO or Candida could be a possibility.  
The reason I’m thinking that is that I’ve always somewhat been able hold down some foods but not as of late at all.

Any similar issues. experience or knowledge would greatly be appreciated. It has pretty much controlled my life most days and a lot of times it’s all I can do just to get through the day without being in pain.

Thanks you,

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