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HIDA Scan at 39% with mostly mild symptoms, should I remove my gallbladder?

looking for advice and insight on my situation - 30 years old female with a pretty active lifestyle, no any other health issues. I have random pain spasms near my right rib cage and sometimes soreness in the back area (between the should blades) after I eat a big meal. These pains and soreness are mostly short in duration, usually a few seconds or a few minutes. There are maybe four or five instances when the soreness lasted a few hours where I feel like I twisted something in my back and can't move my neck freely because it hurts.

Normal blood work. Got a full abdominal ultrasound and the only thing that showed up abnormal was that my gallbladder wall was mildly thickened and that I have an adherent seemly soft structure at 0.7cm which the doctors said could a polyp or a non-calcified stone. My primary care physician suggested surgery and refereed me to surgeon who then also suggested surgery but said it may or may not help with my symptoms.

So I went to see a gastroenterologist ordered me a HIDA scan, which showed normal fill with no leakage but an ejection fraction of 39%. Radiologist noted this as normal as their range is 38% and above. My gastroenterologist is taking this as abnormal as it is barely passing the threshold and said that for a young healthy person, the EF should be well above 80% and my number is an indication that my gallbladder is diseased. And advied that it may be time that I consider surgery and should go see a second surgeon with the HIDA scan results for another opinion.

All three doctors so far said my symptoms are atypical but my gallbladder is diseased and kept on emphasizing that it's really up to me if the pains and soreness are bothering me and there are no guarantees that I would feel any better after surgery. Even if I want to get surgery there's no urgency on it either.

Has anyone out here experienced something similar? If so, did you end up getting the surgery?

And for those of you who's gotten the surgery, regardless of symptoms, what was your EF from your HIDA scan? And do you stand by your decision of removing your gallbladder? Half of the people I talked to (with very severe symptoms) say that they feel much after surgery but there's also the other half say it took months if not years and years to recover from surgery and their digestive system is now messed up because of it and claimed that getting it removed was the biggest mistake in their life. One person said they had nerve damage from it and one person even told me that they had a family member who died after getting the surgery. With all these horror stories (just from people I know and not even counting the ones on here and online), I'm really conflicted about whether or not I should get mine removed, considering my symptoms are tolerable most of the time. Although someone did point out to me that it is entirely possible that my pains are much worse but I just may have a high tolerance of pain?

And any doctors, what do you consider as the normal range for EF? At what point do you recommend your patients for surgery? Would there be any complications from not getting surgery if the gallbladder is apparently diseased?

Any input would be much much appreciated!
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Do you have any update on how this turned out for you? I am in the exact same boat. 35 yo female with EF of 39%. only symptom is a dull ache in the area of GB.
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