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Is it a gallbladder problem or something else?

I have had pain for over two years.  On the right side, under my rib cage. I feel like there is a bubble, or a ball under my rib cage.  It's there all the time, and it's worse after I eat.  I don't have nausea, i have spells of feeling like I have to have a bm really frequently, but not really much diarrhea.  I've had a normal CAT scan and ultrasound, normal blood work, normal endoscopy and colonoscopy.  After a Hida scan my doctor recommended me to a surgeon. He said that the scan showed 42%EF., which can be considered a normal number by some. But that it's a grey area of healthy or not.  He said a healthy rate was between 50 and 75.  But that most surgeons want to see a rate lower than 35 to operate. He still recommended I have mine removed.  I have the surgery scheduled for three weeks from now.  Anyone had a positive result after removal with these symptoms?
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I hope you kept your gallbladder, and changed your diet.  As it turns out, you need your gallbladder to maintain proper digestion.  

I am kind of in the same boat.  They are keeping and eye on me right now.  I am praying my numbers don’t change, because I do not want the surgery.
I did end up having it removed. The photos of my gall bladder showed the outside was covered in a yellow crust- from inflammation, and the inside showed signs of colitis. I feel much better, and I had zero side effects now. Having it removed was definitely the right thing to do!
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I had a non working gallbladder diagnosed since 2011, all these years i suffered in digestion a,bloating nd burping and occasional pain on the right side.Now gallstones are formed. It seems once the gallbladder starts giving trouble, there is no way it can get better.
Yes, I was told that it only gets worse if it’s bad. I’m glad I had mine removed- I feel much better now!
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