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Is it really my gallbladder?

Hey guys, For about six months now I've been struggling with some digestive issues. The main ones are heartburn, bloating, gas. Doc put me on an acid blocker called pantoprazole which fixed the heartburn and lessened the bloat but my diet is limited . Still can't eat fatty foods really. So I had all sorts of tests like ultrasound of my abdomen, endoscopy, and Hida scan. I have gastritis and also the doc told me my gallbladder does not show up too clearly on these tests which could be an indicator that I have too many gallstones that may be blocking the flow of bile, but the thing is I have never experienced any pain really, just these other symptoms with random and infrequent bouts of nausea. Doc says I should take out my gallbladder but I am wondering if anyone else has exoeirenced the same symptoms I've had? I usually hear of extreme pain along with all of this other stuff. Just looking for advice because I'm supposed to decide if I want to have it removed fairly soon here... Thanks for any advice!
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