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Knawing aching pain upper right side

Hello, I have this knawing aching pain on upper right side near rib cage.  It has been for about four months.  It usually goes away when I go to bed for some reason, hurts more when standing.

My reg GP doc ordered an ultrasound on upper abdomen, results were multible mini stones  and sludge in gallbladder and he wanted me to go to surgeon and have it removed.

I did not want to do that so I went to a gastro doc who did a endoscopy, results were a small hiatal hernia and a little gastritis going on but she was not really concerned.  She read my ultrasound and said I did not need to remove my gallbladder.  

I am confused now.  I still have the achy pain and am not sure what it is.  

Has anyone got any answers for me please.  I do have heart burn every single day, hate pills but take Xantac often.
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I would suggest trying to get a referral from your GI specialist or GP. Hope this helps you out!
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