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Left side abdonimal discomfort

I'm a 28 year old male and 7 months ago I woke up very suddenly in the middle of the night I went stiff breathing heavy and felt like I couldn't move It lasted for around 5 seconds then I went back to sleep ( This has not happened since) since then I have suffered with pain and discomfort in the middle and left side of my abdomen i have recently had an ultrasound done and found out I have gallstones and a fatty liver. I have never had a gallstone attack but I do suffer with pain and discomfort at the middle and left side of my abdomen would the gallstones be causing the discomfort? I have suffered with loose stools for many years and most time after eating I need to use the bathroom straight away but I have never been diagnosed with IBS (my sister and father both have IBS)The pain has never been serve I don't feel sick or ever get a fever I sleep well I haven't deteriorated over the time frame I do suffer with health anxiety and I have convinced myself I have kidney or stomach cancer nothing showed up on my ultrasound all my bloods came back normal but I have still convinced myself and I don't know what to do.
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