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How fast does cancer spread?

My 88 year old mother was diagnosis in December with gastric cancer.  She is also in stage 5+ Alzheimer's.  The cancer is about stage 2 and appears to have at least 1-2 lymphnodes involved.  She had a CT which showed possible lymphnode involvement and also a 17 mm noncalcified nodule on her right lung and a 12 mm lobulated nodule on her left lung. No way to know for sure if those are cancer without an invasive biopsy.  We have been encouraged to consider not pursuing any surgery or chemo due to quality of life issues.  So we are just kind of in that limbo mode.  I am torn.  One moment I feel this is the right thing and the next I think we should do the surgery and chemo.  I am sad.  How fast does this type of cancer spread?  No o e has said.  Thank you.
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No one can tell you exactly how fast your mother's gastric cancer will spread. Survival depends on many different factors, including type and stage of cancer, level of fitness, and treatment approach. Around 35 out of 100 people (35%) with stage 2 stomach cancer will survive their cancer for 5 years or more after they are diagnosed.
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