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White blood cell 7690; MCV 22mm and MPV 13.1 fl

I have tested CBC and PBF and their some abormalities shown in the test. That is White blood cell 7690 /Cmm( Range: 4000-11000);  

MCV 22mm(Range:0-10) and MPV 13.1 fl (Range:8-9.5) others are in between range.

Moreover, Before 6 months and 4 months done same test. WBC was 11500.
I am thinking about, why the WBC decreased.

I had gone to doctor for Swallowing problem and pain in the tongue and throat.
Doctor done endoscopy of Upper GI and everything normal.
Another question is does upper GI endoscopy covers throat and tongue conditions also or not.
Are there any infection in the body that representing by  this blood test.

Please, anybody give answer to decrease my thinking,
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