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I drink a lot of beer on a daily, but the last four days with not eating a lot of food and consuming over a 12 pack a day I can't even hold my bowel, it's almost straight liquid. My stomach is in knots and I have a lot of gas as well. can I just take Pepto-Bismo?
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First, stop drinking so much. Second, eat a healthy diet. Third, go to a doctor and get tested for a gluten allergy.
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Stop drinking so much... Right. Easier said than done my friends.
At this rate of consumption I'd say the underlying addiction, or addictive personality is a very difficult hurdle to overcome.
You must have gut dysbiosis, nutritional deficiencies and
possibly candida.
Pepto Bismol is OK I guess, for occasional use.
However, I really recommend you consider seriously addressing your alcohol consumption, that may end up ruining your health
and consequently... your life.
If you find yourself saying no to such suggestions and looking for reasons to continue on the same path, I'm afraid you have a serious issue in your hands, which you may be unable to fix on your own.
I'm not here to criticize your lifestyle choices, but rather bring this to your awareness.
Best wishes,

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