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Anal itching, rectum pain no bleeding, waist pressure

I have this problem from August. One night I got really bad pain in my rectum area, the pain was located so low that ot felt like I had a pain outside of my body. It felt worse when I was laying down. It also radiated to vagina and felt like something was pushing down as if I was giving a birth lol. After about 2 days I felt ok again. Next day I was feeling better too but still had some pain. The pain was eased after defecation but defecation was painful. It radiated to my lower abdomen too where urinary bladder is. After a few days I started to have a pain in my lower right abdomen. I thought it was apendicitis. I went to a doctor and it was no apendicitis but GP sent me to gynecologist. I did blood test, urine test and wet prep. Everything was ok in my blood and urine tests but I had many bacteria in wet prep and many white cell there and yeast infection. I took medicines and in a month I still had this right lower abdominal pain. I forgot to mention that it was before period first time too. I went to a gynecologist again and there were fewer bacteria and fewer white cell this time and yeast infection again. I took medicines again. And next time when I did wet prep everything was ok. But after a few days (it was also after period) i still got low right abdominal pain. (I did ultrasound in august and they said follicular cyst had ruptured late, i did second ultrasound a few weeks ago after my period and all was ok) I also have low back/waist pressure. I had this in August too.  And I started having itchy anus on about nov.21. There is no blood at all just persistent itching I know I shouldnt itch so I dont. It itches more after defecation. I also had itchy anus about a month ago but it lasted a day or two and thwt time I also had rectum pain, as if a needle was quickly inserted in there! In early september I had to use suppositories along with antibiotics and after third or fourth use of it my anus got irritated I felt pain and when I sat it felt like something was there stuck, similar to the feeling when underwear gets stuck there. I stopped taking this suppositoris after that and soon I felt better. Today I got bad pain in my rectum again. And I have anus itching. I feel pain up my anus too sometimes. After defecation it is okay but I also have this low back pressure and right low abdominal pain. I have period in a few days. Just what is reason for this anus itch? I have no hemorrhoids (at least outer) qnd I have no bleeding, theres no blood on toilet paper nor in stool. I have bowel movements 1-2 times a day. Stool is loose.
I am 19 years old girl, never had sex.
Thank you for reading
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Sorry you have been through all of this.  It sounds like it has been so hard and I'm sure you are frustrated.  Okay, so what I've learned both from my reading, my own experience and family members is that itching in the anus very often means you may have a hemorrhoid.  They really can cause that itching. However, you've also been diagnosed with yeast overgrowth and that is the biggest cause of anal itching there is. Yeast overgrowth can be present in the anus and this may be what they told you?  How did they treat that?  With Diflucan? Yeast is fungal.  You also have had an ongoing bacterial issue?  What did they prescribe for that. I will tell you that bacterial vaginosis is a pain to get rid of. I had it for a good period of time and treated it for about 3 times before I fully got rid of it.  A couple of extra things you can do are to change underwear often (after you work out or any time you sweat (this bacterial loves dark, damp places) and wear only cotton underwear.  Also, take a good probiotic. They sell pill forms that would possibly be best for you at this point or they also sell the little smoothies you can buy in your dairy aisle of the grocery store.  (Activa is a popular brand). That helps balance out the ph of your vagina and anus if involved.  https://hemorrhoidcentersamerica.com/anal-rectal-problems/anal-itching/  and this article has recommendations for things to try at home including diet changes and how you clean it. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/anal-itching/diagnosis-treatment/drc-20369350

Do you think the diarrhea and loose stools is due to antibiotics you've taken?  You've cleared out all of your bacteria, including good bacteria.  That can do things like that.  

I know you've already been to the doctor a few times but I would go back if you still have symptoms.  
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