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Anal "residual skin"

I just saw a gi doc today for confirmation on whether or not I had an anal skin tag or external hemorrhoid. After his exam he told me it was residual skin. Definitely not hemorrhoids. Good. I asked him if that was the same thing as a skin tag and he said no its residual skin. Confused on the difference. Every time I google residual skin, it comes up as skin tags. According to him the only option for removal is surgery which he is completely against said it can cause incontinence. I am very disappointed and frustrated as it is more embarrassing than anything else. Iam entering a new relationship. We have not been intimate yet but we are both very much into anal play. It's not something I have told him about yet as I was hoping to have it removed and not have to divulge the info. Any clarification as to if there is a difference or are the two terms interchangeable? I was hoping to be able to have it removed but he has dashed my hopes. Please help me on this issue.
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I think the doctor is right unfortunately - anything requiring surgery is going to leave scars, which when disturbed by either defecating or anal play could be very painful. If they are not painful now, then leave them alone, since you don't want any of these activities to be painful :)
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