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Augmentin foul smell - how long will it last?

Hey guys,
I have some weird smell in my upper palate and the top of my rhinopharynx after taking Augmentin 1000 (Amoxicillin + Clavulanic acid), 2x/day for 5.5 days to cure my Helicobacter and gastritis. I took the last pill ~40 hours ago, but still got this ... strange, foul smell, and it drives me nuts! I just woke at 4 AM with a sense that I lack oxygen in my brain, my pulse elevated to 100 BPM - guess my anxiety kicked in, but I think this foul smell made me wake up in the middle of the night (haven't had issues with anxiety for weeks now).
I know that Amoxicillin sometimes causes bad taste in mouth and you can have changed perception of smell/taste, but how long will it last?!
I don't have changes in my taste at all; I did have foul, bitter taste while I've been taking Augmentin, but don't have it now.
Yesterday morning, after days with elevated noise in my ears (got mild, hissing tinnitus for a couple of years now), I woke up with vertigo from my right middle-ear (couldn't walk straight, had to lean on the walls to the toilet), but that settled-down after 30 mins.

* I have anosmia (lost my sense of smell) for 10 years now, but still got some mild sense of smell in the top of my palate; my sense of taste hasn't been affected
* I've been taking Augmentin 1000 and Fromilid 500 (Clarithromycin) 2x/day for the last 5.5 days
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* I actually can't tell if it's foul, or sweet smell, since I have anosmia, but I have some sense of smell!
Because of this sense of smell, I actually thought that my anosmia is getting cured somehow by the ABs ... 2 days ago I even made my girlfriend run a test on me with various scents to sniff on with closed eyes; I actually DID somehow smell 2/3 of them, but couldn't tell WHAT am I smelling - the water smelled sweet, the perfurme smelled different, but couldn't tell it's perfume, and the hand cream didn't smell at all... But yeah, I guess I can differentiate the smells, although I don't know what is what :)
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Actually has anybody here had changed sense of smell, that lasted days after taking ABs?
(sorry for the multiple self-comments, it's my first post here and I still don't know how to edit my post...)
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Just checked http://www.drugs.com/sfx/clarithromycin-side-effects.html and it turns out that Clarithromycin could be guilty as charged as well! :)
The side-effects list:
- Alterations of sense of smell (incidence not known)
- Change in sensation of taste (less common)
- Vertigo (uncommon)

But still can't find anywhere how long WILL IT LAST, it's been ~2 days since I stopped the ABs :(
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