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Autoimmune gastritis or bacterial infection

Hi, I'm 27 years old male. 2 months ago I went to a doctor because of red and painful tongue.
I went thru many tests, here are the results:
- Blood test showed vit. B12 deficiency. My result is 51 pmol/l (while normal values are between 141-489). Iron, folic acid and everything else is fine.
- Microbiological test of saliva found Klebsiella pneumoniae and Condida. I have prescripted Zinnat 500mg treatment that i haven’t started yet.
- Second, more specific blood test showed: Intrinsic Factor Antibodies >200 RE/ml (normal values 0-20), and AAb to parietal Cells 1:80 (normal values 1:<10)
My gastroenterologist haven’t seen the last results yet (with Intrinsic factor antibodies), but it said that positive result wlll mean that I have autoimmune gastritis. My next appointment is after 7 days and I want to be well prepared.

He mentioned that if  the blood test prove autoimmune gastritis it will be treated with corticosteroids.
I need to know what’s your opinion on that case. Is there a chance that i don’t have autoimmune disease and those antibodies are just immune reaction to previous bacterial infection (with H pylori for example).
All my symptoms started after I ate spoiled chicken wings. I had a diarrhea immediately after that. After a week I started to feel weakness and tiredness  + red tongue.
I mentioned that to my gastroenterologist but he didn’t took that fact into consideration. I think that this is very important, because there is a chance that this is just bacterial infection (not immune disease).
Should I go with corticosteroids if this is the most appropriate treatment, or I should check somehow for bacterial infection.
Before that spoiled food I’ve never had stomach problems in my entire live.
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I'm not an expert, but I think that the test shows that you have antibodies (immune reaction) against the intrinsic factor, not against bacteria. So you have autoimmune gastritis. Your body is attacking itself.
Thanks for your answer.Sure, the results are more than clear, but here is what I found in an article about autoimmune gastritis (I can share a link if you're interested): "helicobacter pylori organisms may function as a trigger for subsequent production of antibodies". I'm pretty sure that this is true for me. How can I prove it. What additional tests should I do?
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If I knew I'd tell you. ^ ^  I think it's best if you ask your doctor, as he's the only one who can take you through the finer points of your treatment.
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