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Bacterial Overgrowth question!!!!!

I am a 28 yr old female who is type 1 diabetic as well. Just recently, i was diagnosed with slow digestion which gave me bacterial overgrowth. I had extreme diarrhea everyday and sometimes vomiting for 7 weeks before i was prescribed Xifaxan. I immediately started feeling better after the first dose.

About two weeks after Xifaxan, i woke up with diarrhea again but just for a day. I was told to take Florastor, i am. After that i was constipated for 6 days until today that i have been going to the bathroom all day. First it was normal, now its diarrhea. Im pretty sure its from being constipated for so long and my slow digestion. I need to know what can i do to improve my digestion or what to take to make things better in the long run. I have probiotics from RenewLife called critical colon and idk if i should start taking it? Any advice is well appreciated. Thanks!
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natural cures like ginger are known to aid digestion.  have you given that a shot? i see you tried the pill proboitic. have you just tried yogurt instead?
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I was diagnosed with bacterial overgrowth and prescribed Xifaxan.  First two days I was really sick and an on call doctor told me to stop it. Talked to my own doctor who encouraged me to try it again. I did finish the 10 days and felt somewhat better. I never had diarrhea issues. This was only a couple of weeks ago.  I started feeling bad again and sent my doctor an E-mail and was told I could not take it again for 2-4 weeks.  We had discussed me trying Align probiotic.  I took one the other day and was sick the next day so didn't take another.  I took one yesterday and have been horribly sick all day today with nausea feeling in my throat, upset stomach, bloating. I only have Omeprazole, Simethicone and Xanax here. Nothing has helped. Called the on call doctor and was told to try Pepto Bismol, which I have taken twice and am still sick!  Also, the tissue of my mouth and throat does not feel right and is very dry and I hack up phlgym.  My doctor told me that the medication has a 60% success rate.  I don't like those odds.  I also asked him how does he know if the medication worked and never did get an answer.  
I wish I could give you some advice but I am finding that I am as sick or sicker than I was.  I have done next to nothing but Kay Diwn the last 2 out of 3 days. Was going to go to the ER again but they don't do anything.
Makes you wonder if we have the right diagnosis!!
I called the pharmacist and he said the probiotic should not cause this but I have read it can cause gas and bloating and have read on the IBS boards that some people felt horrible.  I am going to stop it and see if I feel any better
Good luck
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