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Bad smell from my mouth and noise

I have for about 3 months a bad smell after some hour or two after dinner, but
the smell is so strong in morning I need open the window of my bedroom
because I can smell inside the room.
This smell came after I was diagnotic with diabetes tipe 2, but was not true the diabetes
go, I am in normal numbers, now after take for 2 month a medicine for diabetes.
I do a very good diet, no fat food, no alcool, but I have for 12 years a faty liver, and for 2 years I
have gallstones.
My GP said don't know where the smell come from.  when their find gallstones the doctor don't
operate me because said their was to small.
I have for a long time a disconfort in my right side can be liver! gallstones! what can cause this smell?
Some one can help if had this problem.
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The reasons for a strange smell in mouth or nose are so many, that seeing a regular family doc would your best bet, especially since it can sometimes mean something serious, altho mostly it's just regular sorts of things like needing to visit a dentist.  Diabetes CAN cause an odor, generally it is a sweet smell, altho it can smell like other things.  First thing I thought of was perhaps acid reflux, it can cause a bad odor when acid builds up in the tummy and bubbles up into the esophogus, so if your tummy or esophogus hurts, you can try drinking an Original Alka Seltzer, and since you take pills, always drink a whole glass of water with them to prevent acid.  
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Thank you for write to me, but about my family doc, He don't know where this come from, he fist find the gallstones 2 years ago, he also find I continuo have a fat liver, I am better than 12 y ago thank's to my strong diet, but about 4 months ago the sugar in blood was a little high, he give me some medicine, and after this medicine is when I fill more sick. I stop with medicine because was not diabetes, but he don't know why the sugars go up for 1 month only.  After I had a very stong colic he suppose was the gallastones, he give me 2 tipes of antibiotic and I fill better of the pain, but every thing change inside me,  and is when  start come this smeel, about you tell can be acid I did a test about 1 year ago and their don't find nothing, the only problem with the liquid I dring for the test I end in Hospital this night with a colic.  But again don't find the reason why I had the reaction. About dentist no, is not the point I had one operation some years ago and I don't have any of my normal ones.
Now, at about  4 weeks I had this smell, pain more stong under the rib in right side and extend all right of my abdomen, I did blood test about the liver and all coming normal. is not this confuse! I am realy very concern about what I realy  have  and another question is can be some thing bad with  the gallstones?
Some idea?
Thank you
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Well, as I said, the reasons for a bad odor in the mouth and nose are VERY involved, and so I think since your family doc hasn't been too much help, it's time you should be referred to a gastroenterologist OR an ear nose throat ENT specialist, to do more investigations as to what might be doing this!  
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Thank you for yous advise I need go ask my family doc for a referal to a Gastroenterologist, I hope I don't need wait 2 or 3 month for one appointment.
Infortunately here the waiting list for specialist and Hospitals are very long.
Thank you again
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Hi i have the same problem like u
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