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Been Having Some Stomach Issues

I have had digestive issues pretty much my whole life. I have suffered from chronic consitpation, but whenever I went to see a doctor about it they would give me something to empty me out and that was all they did.. no exam really. So, I tried going on a high fiber diet (moslty vegan) and it made me very bloated and, I again had to take a laxative, which I have been using gentle laxatives and herbs to help with the consipation. However there is another thing that is happening right now. I have been having bad bloating(right after eating and never goes down), and nausea, vomiting. This begins about 30 minutes after eating, I also get stomach burning and cramping pain.  I  get very full off a normal size meal and some days I am not hungry at all. The only foods I can keep down are, juice, bananas, jello and gluten free toast, sometimes yogurt. I tried eating oatmeal today, however 30 minutes after eating it (I was in the middle of taking a shower), I got a burning, cramping pain in my stomach and got very dizzy and nausious and throw up(not in the shower, I made it to the toilet before anything happened).

I did some googling on my symptoms, and came up with a lot of different issues that cause all the same symptoms. My annual check up is not until August. I just don't know what i should do at this point. I can probably wait until my appointant to address these issues.  However I am not sure what is going on and if I should go in earlier for this issues.
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Hello and welcome to MedHelp's forums. Thanks for your question and sorry for the delay in response.  How long did you give the diet a try?  If you had the issue with stomach issues when initially on the diet, that is fairly common.  Change and increased fiber can initially cause some digestive issues but they do often get better.  However, it would be best to check in with a doctor or nutritionist regarding eating for good digestive health.  You may have a slow digestive track in general or some sort of underlying issue that is causing your issues.  It is always best to have a full evaluation to determine what might be going on.  And I am assuming the that the acute symptoms of vomiting, nausea and dizziness subsided  

A lot of people have success taking probiotics.  https://www.webmd.com/digestive-disorders/best-way-use-probiotics#1.  And one of the best things for regular bowel movements and a digestive tract functioning properly is proper hydration.  

Let us know how you are doing with an update.  
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I have had conspitation before I went vegan about three years ago. An update on the vomiting after meals, it stopped today and I have been able to keep things down so far all day. Although whenever I eat(like I had a banana for breakfast, and for lunch a sweet potato) I feel like I just ate a thanksgiving feast. That's why I only eat three meals per day. Like tiny meals though.

I do take a probiotic which helps with bloating. However the stomach cramping/burning 30minutes after I eat has not gone away. I was going to make an appointment with my doctor today, but since the vomiting stopped I not so sure I still should go in? Everytime I go in for digestive issues they always end up telling me that it's just beause of stress. So, I am just not so sure I should go in this time?
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