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Been feeling gross lately

I've been not feeling well since March and have been to various family Drs,, urgent cares and a gastrointestinal specialist. Blood tests and x-rays have come back clear and good. One doctor mentioned it MAY be IBS - though I have not been specifically diagnosed.

Gurgling tummy (sometimes it is SO uncomfortable I just wanna curl up and die), cramping, constipation, diarrhea, constant nausea, headaches, flushed feeling, lightheaded, tired, bloated. Those are all my symptoms.

The changes I have made since it began are: increased water, pro-biotics, more walking, daily Miralax *though when I have my days of diarrhea I do not take it* and chamomile tea. I used to go #2 once a day, now I'm lucky if I go less than 5x. I never feel like my movement is complete. The nausea and flushed feeling are the worst - it happens almost 24/7. Especially the nausea.

Anyways. The last 2 weeks or so I have felt especially...gross. Oily skin, breaking out on face/chest/back - BAD, nausea, tired, odd textured hair, feel like I stink, weird tastes in mouth, bloated/fat, more bowel movements, horrible smelling bowels. I do not know why it has gotten so bad, but I just feel like I am disgusting as if I haven't showered in days (which I shower daily).

Any ideas as to what this is? Does this sound like all IBS stuff, or could it be something else? Any suggestions of a remedy would be great.

*I am on birth control. I just finished my period last week. I am not pregnant. I usually feel bad around my period time, but never this horribly gross*
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