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Bening tumor removed from colon.

Hello everyone. I had a benign tumor the size of a golf ball  removed from my left colon 3 weeks  ago, started as laparoscopic but they had to open me to get it out. Doc said he was minimally invasive on the colon, opening it and removing the submucosal tumor. It was too big for endoscopic removal. Anywaay, recovery has been painful but even more annoying is my intestine. I feel odd pains here and there, picks , colicky , and severe bloating. Some days are better than others, i know it is probably too soon. Sometimes i think it is sever irritable bowel symdrome, but i assume it may also be normal. The doctor said not to worry, but it truly is uncomfortable. Some days are better, am eating properly and my bm are normal, taking fibrr every day. Any suggestions.....? Help
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