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Black Tarry Stools- When Should I Seek Medical Advice?

Hi there!  Thank you so much for answering my question, as I am quite nervous about all of this.
For the last week or so I have been taking around 4-6 Advil a day (taken twice, either two or three at a time depending on the severity of my pain)
I have a root canal scheduled and have not been able to get an earlier appointment, and so the Advil is for pain.
This week I caught the stomach bug that my sister had and took 2 doses of Pepto-Bismal on Saturday.
I was running a fever of about 102 and taking Advil (about 6 a day) for that.
Today (Sunday) I had 2 bowel movements with black, tarry stools.
I have not vomited and the only other symptom that I am experiencing is a sore throat with a swollen lymph node on the left side.
I am currently menstruating and am unsure if that, combined with the Pepto could cause my stools to be this way.
My insurance isn't great and I try to avoid excessive Doctor visits if I can-
What are the likelihoods that the black tarry stools are non-threatening and will resolve itself?
Thank you SO MUCH
You are so kind to respond!
I cannot say how much I appreciate you!
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Black stools are TYPICAL after taking Pepto-Bysmol. Stop taking it and wait for few days, it should go away without any other measure taken.
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I want to say, that black tarry stool is also a sign of bleeding from the stomach or upper (esophagus). Stomach bugs usually don't cause stomach bleeding. If you previously had gastritis or stomach ulcer, or if you've been taking aspirins, ibuprofen, a lot of alsco...smoking, than it could be blood. You will know. If any doubt, have a hemoccult test for blood in stool.  
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Thank you both so much for your response!  You have put my mind so at ease!  Havve an excellent day!
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