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CT Scan Results - One Doctor Says Normal But Other Says Very Much Abnormal

I am a 39 year old female who up until 10 months ago was in impeccable health. My illness began with vomiting blood and then quickly moved to bloody diarrhea of a chronic nature. Weight loss, anemia, severe abdominal pain in the lower right quadrant, occasional bouts of constipation were my majority symptoms since February of last year. I have had innumerable iron infusions and blood transfusions to rectify the iron deficiency anemia; these result in improvement for 3-4 weeks. I can not stress enough have effect this has had on my day to day life. I am mother and fitness fanatic; my life is flipped upside down. I have incredible support around me and still I am plagued with pain, nausea, and utter exhaustion.

Recently I had a CT Scan that yielded the following findings:

"Distension of the bowel throughout. There is a segment of right sided small bowel that is collapsed and appears to be thick-walled. Pathology at this location is very difficult to exclude."

My general physician felt we had finally found our problem and sent me urgently to my gastroenterologist. The gastroenterologist was not concerned about these findings. My general physician is urging a consultation with about GI physician. I do not wish to second guess my primary physician or my GI physician - both of whom have been superior in my care thus far - but have to wonder if my GI is ignoring/overlooking a potential worrisome finding. (Ironically, after having been "mysteriously" unwell, I was happy to have finally found something that explains my illness.)

Has anyone seen similar results? Maybe if this is a common finding, I will feel comfortable resting this CT aside and moving on from here.

I truly and genuinely appreciate your time and comments!

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