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So after years of odd symptoms, I think I might have something Candida related.
My symptoms:
Dry skin, acne
Brain fog/blurred vision
Red eyes
Anxiety and panic disorder
Chronic stomach bloating and pressure
Stomach heartbeat palpitations
Incomplete evacuation with rectal inflammation
Urinary problems (frequency/problems starting)
Muscle spasms in my lower back

Does this sound like a Candida problem? Take into account I'm only 18 and don't have a history of illness other than asthma. These symptoms I believe are all related and I would appreciate some input :)
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My brother had asthma.  He was told by a nutritionist to go on a gluten free diet.  My brother ignored his advice.  Then years later he was due to have part of his colon removed...I mentioned that he might want to try the gluten free diet....he tried the diet and avoided surgery and improved his asthma 95 percent.  If there is a gluten problem, it can cause yeast overgrowth and vitamin, mineral and nutrient deficiencies.  Cows milk is another offender.  I suggest you try eliminating certain foods to see if you have improvement in any of your symptoms.  Check with your doctor first before starting on elimination diets.  If you're unfamiliar with gluten free diets, the Internet has many sites to help you understand what foods to avoid.  

Hope you find relief!
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Ok. Did his colon improve on the diet? That is my biggest concern. I am afraid I have like damage to my spincter muscle or whatever caused by the inflammation. I am seeing my doctor next week to test for gluten or candida problems. Thanks for the advice!
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My brothers intestines are perfectly healthy now...hasn't had a problem since.  His asthma improved about a month into the diet.  

Are you thin, average or overweight?  What is your diet like now?  Are you a junk food eater?  
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I consider myself average. 5'10" 160 pounds. The only thing that bothers me is that I often feel bloated and look like a pregnant woman! It *****.
My diet is moderately bad. I try and eat a couple pieces of fruit and vegtables everyday, but my family is not very wealthy and we're always busy so no one supports any radical dietary change I suggest. They don't believe me half the time when I mention my very real symptoms. I've been dealing with these symptoms for almost four years now and have just avoided them but now I am kind of worried that there is something more than IBS going on. I don't know....I see a GI this week so at least that is a semi-relief.
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Oh, another weird thing to consider is that before all these symptoms started a few years ago, I lost a bunch of weight unintentionally and the doctor's had no idea what was going on. I also lost all my muscle mass. Do you think something like this might be realted?
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I believe it can be related.  But finding the root cause is very difficult.  Something is out of balance.  Then when puberty goes into full gear, whatever piece of the puzzle is missing, this seems to effect hormone levels, immune system balance, etc.   I see the same thing in my kids...loss of muscle mass, food intolerances, anxiety in one, depression in another, intolerant to carbs, etc.  Whatever the problem is, it has a body wide effect.  Food is one thing that can improve symptoms, maybe not completely, but partially.   We have genetic defects of some sort.  but keep it in perspective.  We just have to make the most out of what we've been given.  Diets like atkins, south beach, Paleolithic, etc. seem to help the most when it comes to hormone and immune issues.  Hang in there.  Send me a message if you have any questions.  We live your same frustrations.  
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