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Cannot let gasses out, constipation, heaviness, sharp pain through the whole abdomen

I really need an expert's help. I am 28 female with history of insulin resistance and once treated for hashimoto's thyroid.
My abdominal issues all started in October 2019 when I was rushed to the ER because of very very sharp pain on the lower right, just where it's the appendix. I couldn't walk, I couldn't stand, I couldnt lay, I couldnt do anything. The doctors believed it was my appendix, only gave me antibiotics and antispasm medications and it removed the sharp pain but the heaviness and overall pain didn't go away since then. This last 1 week I have persistent constipation which couldnt be fixed with oral laxatives at all, i was just bloating and hurting, my temperature began to rise. I passed out once on the toilet. I would have these hotflashes and sweating and then I went to another gastroenterologist, he told me to eat more fiber and exercise, so I changed my diet completely. I began to defecate more frequently(with white mucus) but not more easily, still I have issues letting the gas out. I would bloat like a 7 month pregnant lady in just 20 minutes and cannot let all gases out for like 2 days. I've been to surgeonS, gastroenterologistS, neurologistS, gynecologistS, nephrologist, urologistS and all I get immediately is prescription with guessing drugs. I am like a 70 yrs old lady when it comes to consuming medications daily. I have pills for digesting, bloating, antispasms oral laxatives of all kind, anal laxatives, anti heaviness drugs.. Please please help me, I cannot take it anymore, i wanna live while i am still young ... please .. if some doctor can at least point me to the right direction to exam something that the others didn't think of ... I have done an MRI in January on my abdomen and pelvis with high contrast and only one nurse took a look at it and concluded they don't see a problem which can cause all of this, yet still here I am, afraid and in pain despite every medication I was prescribed
Please help me
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  We're sorry you've had such difficulty.  Have they taken an x ray of your abdomen?  Sometimes when someone has a slow digestive tract and severe constipation, fecal matter can fill the intestines to the point of a bowel blockage.  It is indeed highly painful.  A hospital grade enema can get the ball rolling for cleaning this out and then you can work on your diet.  This slow digestive tract is sometimes called "lazy bowel syndrome".  Here is a link to read about it https://www.healthline.com/health/lazy-bowel  Using laxatives actually can contribute to the problem so you want to make that a very short term treatment.  You can change your diet, add probiotics and get physical activity.  Read through that link and we'll talk more.  Let us know what you think.  
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