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Chronic gastrointestinal issues

I have been having gastrointestinal issues for about 6 months now (22y female).

It started in June last year (2020) and I woke up with an uneasy stomach, over the next couple of days I was getting diarrhoea from anything I ate (no matter how gentle on the stomach), so I just thought it was gastro and it would get better in a few days.

For about 4 months I was waking up with urgency and loose stool pretty much every single morning, during the day I would be fine in terms of not getting diarrhoea after I ate. Although I did feel extremely bloated and sometimes uneasy, also my stomach would constantly be making very loud noises which are unusual for me.

I had been to the doctor many times in which they just told me it was probably IBS, and to increase exercise and stress reduction, additionally I had tried peppermint oil capsules and mebeverive before meals (this helped a little bit stools were still pretty loose in the morning). They also did a blood test which was all within normal limits besides my B12 being slightly low.

I then went to another doctor who had done a stool test, due to covid they were unable to check it for everything, although came back negative to Giardia and some parasites. They then put me on a 1 week course of Metronitazole (400mg x 3 times a day), this seemed to improve my condition greatly and I was no longer getting symptoms. However, over the next two weeks I slowly started to feel bloated and progressed to starting to get loose stools in the morning again. This same doctor prescribed me another two week course, this pretty much fixed me for about 3 months.

Until a few weeks ago (Jan 2021) I had another random bout of diarrhoea after I ate. I didn’t waste any time and went to the doctors the next day. He got me to do a stool sample and he gave me another week of metronitazole. The metronitazole this time made me feel incredibly nauseous and I barely ate for 2 weeks. The stool sample again like last time because of covid they could not test it for everything, but this sample came back with raised Calprotectin (320).

The doctors are now questioning if I have an IBD, I have never had anything like this before and no blood in stools, and it seems to get better with metronitazole?

Now this brings us to the present and I have just woken up with urgency and loose stools like I was experiencing last year. I am so desperate as my specialist appointment is 3 weeks away, not to mention I’ll have to wait even longer to get a colonoscopy. I know I need to have further diagnostic tests but any input would be greatly appreciated.
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