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Chronic nausea and bloating for three months

hi all

i am 27years old and have had this problem fro over two months... before this time i used to to suffer from gas and heartburn almost regularly for almost two years and had gotten pretty used to it...

my current problem started in the last two weeks before the deadline for the submission of my thesis... I was under a huge load of stress so I figured it would all go away as soon as the submission was over but it didn't.  in the beginning I would get up at 4 or 5 in the morning and throw up... at those times almost my entire dinner would find its way out (this used to surprise me as I had had the food nearly 9-10hrs ago)... now I usually wake up every morning with a fairly strong feeling of nausea and a pressure in my throat.. if its really bad I may throw up but i try not to as  its mostly just a bit of watery fluid and dry heaving which does nothing to give relief... I can't even think of putting anything in my mouth as the very thought of food makes it worse... the nausea subsides after a while but doesn't go away...but after a while I get really hungry but am scared to eat because if i do eat anything I feel bloated after a few bites and  within a few minutes the nausea comes back in full force... reclining or lying down or sitting for a long time makes it worse... no other particular activity has much influence on it but sometimes lying flat on my stomach helps... I often have a heartburn as well as a lot of burping as well as a feeling that the food is not completely digested... the nausea increases and decreases all through the day but its ALWAYS there...

I tried taking all the usual stuff such as antiemetics, pantoprozole and antacids but it actually made it worse... someone suggested sucralfate but that didn't help either so i'm guessing its not ur usual gastritis or an ulcer... My bowel movements seem normal but are sometimes loose...

I hope someone can help... its making my life miserable..  
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