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Consistent Upper Abdominal Pain/ Fullness

Last night right around midnight I got a concentrated pain in my center upper abdomen. It was dull and almost felt like a cramp. I slept on it thinking it would go away in the morning but a day later and no matter what I eat or how little I eat there is still general discomfort in my upper abdomen. It doesn't hurt when I press down but there have been consistent dull aches and it feels like I'm full even when my stomach is rumbling (the area doesn't necessarily look bloated and isn't hard). I didn't eat for six hours and feeling still remained. After eating I had a slight shortness of breath. I've had normal bowel movements so It doesn't seem like I am having trouble digesting. Could it be trapped gas? I ate a fatty meal on Easter but you'd think a day later the pain would subside. I'm only 19 and have never had any allergies or any problems with my stomach. I've had slight fatigue the last few days and occasional nausea but only very light nausea. I did a circuit workout today which eased the pain slightly but afterwards I felt nauseous again. I'm not pregnant since I just had my period and I only occasionally drink. Could this possibly be the first sign of something worse or is it most likely something wrong with my digestion? I've also heard Covid patients having upper abdominal pain in the beginning but I haven't had a fever or cough.
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Hello~I would see your GP,it may be nothing, but when digestive issues last longer than a few days, it is always best to have the matter looked in to.
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This is exactly what I've been feeling!
I have the same discomfort in my upper abdomen especially in the centre with occasional nausea at night sometimes.
I have headaches too sometimes. But that could be because of stress since my stress levels have been going crazy because of it.
I've been going through this for the last two months now.
Did it get better for you? What did you do for it?
Hiw long did it take?
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There are various causes of upper abdominal pain, including but not limited to gas/indigestion, gastroesophageal reflux, gastritis, pancreatitis, hepatitis, and gallstones/cholecystitis. Making the correct diagnosis requires a combination of clinical history and physical examination, as well as laboratory and imaging tests. If your symptoms have not resolved by now, you should seek prompt medical attention, as some of these conditions can be potentially serious.
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