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Constant pulsing upper stomach

Hello I wanted to know if Anyone has had the pulsing upper stomach or lower esophagus. I can't tell which one it is but it been constant since thanksgiving. I can eat much or my upper stomache starts spazzing out. Sometimes tight throat feeling with it.  It always makes my hear beat faster and I take a Xanax for that. I went to ER once and they gave me a GI cocktail and my heart rate went back to normal and my stomache started to relax. But this time the spasms and twitching feeling are always there. I tried gaviscon which only seems to work for an hour and makes my tight throat feel weird cus of it's coating. I been taking nexium 20 mg last 5 days.  I thought I was getting a little better and then night before last my stomache really spazzed out and my heart rate went 150 bpm. My husband drove me to ER. I really thought I was gonna die that night. They checked EKG. Blood samples. Ultrasound for gall stones. It all came clear. They gave me sedative and it relaxed everything. So they told me to go to urgent care gasterology department. I went she gave me no new meds and said come in for upper endoscopy Friday. So I'm trying to wait till then. I called them this morning hoping hey could get me in sooner or prescribe me some relief. Still waiting on the call. But for now I have to take a Xanax in morning with my nexium and one in evening to keep spasms and anxiety under control. I don't know how I can work tomorrow. I just want to know if anyone else has found relief from any meds or is feeling like this too. It's been an awful week.
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