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Constantly hungry but also nauseous

Hello I am new. The past few days I have had symptoms of hunger, nausea, more frequent poo (loose like consistency, sorry for graphic), and waking up about 3 hours earlier than I want with hunger. I feel hungry so I want to eat, but I feel very put off food right now. I'm eating even less now, which I am sure is making the hunger worse. Despite eating so little, and not a lot of fiber, I am pooing more frequently, but in small loose amounts. On top of it all I have been staying up later than usual, and when I sleep, I seem to only get 4 1/2 hours until I wake up with extreme hunger pains. I cant go back to sleep.

Any ideas as to causes? I looked some symptoms up, and heard it could be too much acidity of stomach? Could it be dietary? Am at a loss! I hope I am not pregnant but I plan on taking a pregnancy test soon today to check in case.
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Yes, it could be acid and it could be your diet. Is it truly hunger you're feeling or more like a gnawing hungry feeling? I'm asking because if you're having a gnawing feeling that could mean an ulcer.
Do see your Dr about your symptoms. They may want to check for an ulcer and food allergies.
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I would go and get checked for parasitic infection as well. I have read that cause increased hunger as well. There are two test.  The DNA / PCR is better it checks for the DNA of parasites.  The other looks for the actual one and it has to be active.  I am also going to have the PCR one done. Harder to find but more comprehensive.
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