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Cough for 4 mos

52 yr old husband quit smoking 4 mos ago and has been sick since. Cough, nausea, lost 15 lbs, Primary doc said post nasal drip and presribed nos drops. Had upper GI showed no esophageal abnormalities, no evidence for reflux or esophagitis. Due to this increased weight loss and our primary doc doing no testing whatsoever, had a cardiologist I work for look at him, he diagnosed with H pylori and prescribed 2 week triple pack. Also ordered CT chest which showed diffuse emphysematous changes and localized area of parenchymal opacity suggestive of a region of prior infection with scarring and calcification. Superimposing mild ground glass density in this area also raises possibility of a superimposing acue process. Primary doctor says nothing to worry about. He was till sick. Went back to Primary Had endoscopy and biopsy showed acid reflux in lower esophagus, inflammation due to H Pylori. Prescribed 14  day Amoxicillin,Biaxin & Prilosec. And to take Prilosec once a day before 1st meal. Nausea and weight loss stopped, but cough has not. Husband is living on cough drops to no avail. Any suggestions??
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It looks like the check CT noted emphysema.  That alone can cause this kind of coughing.  My mom quit smoking after over 60 years, and coughs more than she ever did while smoking.  Doc says it can go on for several months before it finally goes away.  If the docs can't find any other infection or disease process, your husband may be in for more suffering before his body deals with the changes from not smoking.
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I would think the coughing is the emphysema, which just happened to start when your husband decided to quit smoking.  I would have your husband see a pulmonary specialist to determine for certain what this is.
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