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Diarrhea, gas

For over 6 weeks, I have had diarrhea with a lot of gas, cramping, stomach gurgling, which is only helped by taking psyllium.  Have also noticed increased hiccups, burping. I have had GERD for a few years but these symptoms are new.
What is likely cause?
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Hi, for the chronic diarrhea, if the stool culture showed a growth it is an infective pathology otherwise non infective pathologies like inflammatory bowel diseases or growths have to be considered. In which case you may need further testing with colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy. If the other pathologies can be ruled out then there is an entity called Irritable Bowel Sydrome (IBS). Once a diagnosis has been confirmed then an appropriate diet schedule can be planned. For proper evaluation, you will need to consult your primary care physician, who will do a stool analysis to determine the cause. Regards.
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My primary care physician did not do a culture but did check for blood, and that test was negative.
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Thank you...
I neglected to say that I have Barett esophagus... That endoscopy was performed over two years ago. I know I should have had a follow up, but due to moving, relationship problems, and little money I did not have it done.

I have scheduled an endoscopy/colonoscopy for May 8th. I am really afraid I will be told I have cancer that has spread... I've been crying a lot. I know I should not give my own diagnosis, but have a large family history of cancer and with my symptoms it seems quite certain.

I don't want to discuss this with my husband.. He has ADD and narcissistic personality disorder, we live as roommates who rarely speak to one another. I have wanted a divorce for a few years, but I have nowhere to go and little money. I have no friends here and family lives far away. I feel isolated and alone. The worst part of all this would be having to tell my sons, they just lost their father to cancer a little over a year ago. Cancer seems to have taken everyone dear to them.
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