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Diet for patients with acute pancretitis


I was admitted in a hospital a week ago for acute pancreatitis and was discharged just after 30 hours. I was instructed to take Omeprazole for two weeks and then go back for follow-up. However, last night, just five days after my very first attack, I was in so much pain again that I had to be rushed to the ER. This time they didn't admit me as my Lipase level was lower than in the first attack (316). They did, however, added another medication: Maalox Susp.

Now, I want to start eating right. I was hoping someone can help me with a list of food that I CAN'T take. I've been doing a research over the net and some info I read contradicted with the others: now I'm confused, which of the following am I REALLY not allowed to eat:

- milk (which has butterFAT)
- apple (which has folic acid)
- onions, cabbages, broccolli
- potatoes, eggs & fish (I read in one of the forums here that these "have been shown to cause recurrent episodes of acute pancreatitis.")
- crackers/biscuits

I haven't eaten pork and beef ever since the first attack and don't plan to ever. Right now, my diet is composed of just steamed fish & rice for dinner and lunch and cereals/milk/crackers for breakfast. I'm afraid I'm taking the wrong foods :(

By the way, as I love coffee and my doctor has told me to stop taking anything with caffeine in it.. is decaf coffee ok? Or it'd be better not take any kind of coffee at all?

I'm from the Philippines by the way and 26 years old.

Thanks a lot!
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Hi Hun,
I have chronic pancreatitis.  I have found information that says to stay away from milk based products.  Our diets should consist of carbs like:  sweet potatos, peas, lima beans, carrots, black beans, winter squash, turnip, parsnip, garbanzo beans, yam and pumpkin.

We can also use garlic, onion, leek, black pepper, ginger, cinnamon, fennel, garlic and nutmeg for seasonings.

I have substituted meat for protein with soy protein drinks that are low-fat with low-sugar.  

I started drinking chlorophyll and it has helped me as well.  

I've been eating bananas, apples, and some other fruits.  

As for breads, I stick to the whole-grain breads.  

I'm also taking supplements:

Calcium (since milk products are not helpful to the pancreas)
Milk Thistle
Vitamin B Complex, including B-12 injections
Folic Acid
Probiotics like liquid acidophoulus.  
Multivitam (something that is easily absorbed - preferrably liquid

This has helped me a ton.  My doctor took my bloodwork last Tuesday and my Lipace levels are now normal.  She told me to stick to the diet I created for myself from friends and the internet.  So far, it's working.  The pain and bloatedness has gone away.

Always check with your doctor before adding anything to make sure they don't conflict with any medications you are taking.  Good luck!!!
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i am so glad I finally found someone with the same problem as I have, chronic pancreatitis. I have been going on a trial and error diet and don't want to get the pain and misery again!  I did broil some chicken breast and had no problems. Also can eat about 2 ounces of tuna packed in water. As the pancreatitis has caused  me to be diabetic that also causes problems. I am eating several small meals each day.
Wouold be glad of any suggestions that have worked for some body else.
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im sitting here reading all of the different comments, i am a 64 year old healthy male , i have been in the hospital for 6 day and will b released tomorrow if my level remain where they are as of today , i am willing to change my diet and any help would be apperciated , i have consumed my three clear liquid meals and have not suffered and feel comfortable i am reading all that i can , i enjoy eating but am wondering what i can do from this point on , i have had the entire theatment  no stone were found ,all of the test . showed very littel
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