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Disappointed in my doctor visit.

So I had a sudden case of enlarged lymph nodes in my right groin.  This happened over the weekend, of course.  First thing I thought of was lymphoma, but the nodes were not hard like the ones my dog had.  I could feel multiple areas of firmer swelling and then whole line above the bone was enlarged in a line.  Therefore it didn't seem like a hernia.  Although I could think of some things that could have caused a tear, but I was not aware of it tearing.  It seems like a long tear would be noticed while it was happening.

My grandmother died of lymphoma, and I have Celiac disease, so lymphoma is possible. Plus I'm 50.  She died at about 65, when her mother died in her 90s.  

Another thought was a reaction to a tick bite or spider bite, and I did see two small marks, one on the right labia and one on the right hand, that itched or hurt in the day or two before the lymph nodes got big.  

I didn't go to the ER because it wasn't an emergency.  I waited until Monday.  I wanted an appointment this week to see my doctor.  But he couldn't see me.  The nurse practitioner could.  At first I said no, I'd wait for my gynecology appt, but then I felt a fever start.  Then it hit me that maybe it was diverticulitis like my mom had in her 40s.  She saw doctors for abdominal pain for months, and they kept saying it was fine, but only checked for gynecological problems.  They never asked her about digestion and she would never talk about that, not realizing either that it could be a problem.  Medical professionals used to say that whatever was normal for you is normal for you, and they didn't want to hear the details of your movements.  So people kept quiet.  So after months of being ignored, she called the doctor asking to be seen for a terrible tummy ache.  They said they were too busy to see her for a tummy ache.  She put herself to bed.  A nurse friend came by to check on her, pressed on her abdomen, and declared she had a hot belly and needed to go to the hospital.  What she had was a ruptured diverticula, abscess, and peritonitis.  She almost died in her 40s with husband out of the country on business and 4 kids at home.  

So now I'm in the office showing my inflamed lymph nodes and listing the possible causes, and instead of taking any of my concerns seriously, they said no to everything but wouldn't say what they thought it was.  The nurse practitioner did write an Rx for an antibiotic we agreed on, but then added Flagyl.  I asked why, and she said it was to cover what the Augmentin didn't.  

Well I think she is assuming I have BV and PID.  When I check what Augmentin is used for, it says diverticulosis.  It doesn't say you need a second antibiotic.  Flagyl is used for BV.  So I feel like I'm being treated not much better than my mom was.  They didn't even have the guts to tell me they were treating me for that.  

So I only got the Augmentin.  I can't believe they wanted me to take two antibiotics like that with all the possible side effects.  

My symptoms developed into abdominal discomfort around my waist on the left side, a pressure feeling, especially at the umbilicus, and also in the back on that side.  

Does this sound like anything anybody has had?  Besides Celiac, I have such a severe twist in my colon at the splenic flexure that they can't get the scope past it.  Therefore they have only checked my sigmoid colon, and it was fine with no diverticulosis.  However, I have extreme constipation, and you wouldn't have diverticulosis AFTER the strictured area.  It would be on the pressure side, so above it.  

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Hi, understand your predicament. Augmentin mostly covers gram positive bacteria and flagyl helps with anaerobic bacteria and these are more common in the bowel, hence she may prescribed both meditations. Taking both together will help cover a wider range of organisms. Anyways having started on augmentin you continue and see how the lymph node regresses. If it increases in size or if more nodes are involved. consult your doctor. Regards.  
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