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I was diagnosed with Divirticulitis this past Thursday, they gave me IV antibiotics and a 7 day prescription to take them orally one 2 times a day and one every 8 hours. I am now on the final 3 days of taking the antibiotics. I followed a liquid diet and kept myself hydrated. The pain has reduced to only during bowell movements. The pain I feel isn't as bad as it used to be and my stool has felt runny but appears as "particles of matter" at the bottom of the toilet or green/dark brown diarrea. Is this normal? Should I consider adding soft foods to my diet to increase fiber? The doctor hasn't scheduled a follow but suggested that this could be a very mild case. I'm not sure my white blood cell count was normal when they found the infection. Any help or advice would be great!
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Oops I mean to say my white blood cell count was normal.
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