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Dry coughs due to gerd?

My lower stomach seems swollen and I have had dry coughs for about two months now. I  always seem full. I went in to get an endoscopy last week, and the doctor told me I didnt have a hiatal hernia, which we thought I had before. Ive had a history of GERD and gout problems. Anybody have similar symtoms and what did you guys do about it? Also I used to take nexium twice a day, but haven't lately.
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I have gerd to and I notice I  sometimes I have a dry cough and I think you feel full  cause maybe you have built up acid and gas. Im not sure but that is my guess
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Dry coughs are primarly related to LPR, which is not the same as gerd.  It is still associated with acid reflux backing up into the larynx, which causes redness & irritation to the vocal chords and thus, the dry coughs.  I was dx'd with LPR 18 months ago, and have since cut off all coffee, chocolate, and tomato products, plus I try not to eat anything after 8:30pm.  Plus, I'm on Nexium 40mg / day.

I rarely ever got heartburn, and hardly ever at night, which are signs of LPR.  Gerd presents with heartburn, and those that get it also get it bad at night.
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