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Dull rectal pain after having a very painful sigmoidscopy ?

It's awkward but I have been suffering from dull rectal pain after I had a bad sigmoidscopy. The doctor was not professional and he did the sigmoidscopy in rush without lubrication which resulted into extreme pain. He did not even complete the Sigmoidscopy. After the Sigmoidscopy I had severe tenesmus and rectal pain. Thankfully the tenesmus is gone but rectal dull pain is still there. I also lost some weight after the Sigmoidscopy

Here is the symptoms ,

The pain will go way if I sleep or lay down in the bed but it will come back when I sit. I am facing difficult time to work in the office. The pain also goes way if I stand or keep on walking. I went to doctor and they found small hemorroid but no blood , and I took treatment for it but it is not helping.

I have seen posts here where people injured their rectum and had similar symptoms. But did not find anything which helped to cure the situation.  I am suffering from extreme stress because of this also. Please help
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You might have tried to sit one a rubber sit having space in the center and air filled rubber pipe like structure. I do not know the technical name of the item.I was thinkin to take this rubber device when I had a rectum pain..Is Doxoproct meant for piles's pain?. Anovat Is for piles. This brand is available in India. Any thing for piles will help to reduce pain in the rectum area.
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Here is what gave me relief  

First , do a proper checkup by doctor that there is nothing serious.

Then take the following medicine
Doxiproct cream inside the rectal area three times a day
Calcium Dobesilate taken orally twice a day
Reduce stress level
Avoid prolong sitting
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