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Elevated Amylase


I've been having back pain since last August. I've been to one physician and three nurse practitioners since then because the back pain wouldn't go away. The pain would hurt when I moved and when I didn't move. Also, I get a sharp pain in the back or a steady ache that is sometimes relieved with ibuprofen, muscle relaxers, heat, and rest. They all said that they felt it was muscular.  I saw a new physician a few weeks ago and she ordered labs and put an order in for an MRI. My labs showed elevated amylase at 160 U/L (Lab's range is 28-100U/L). My lipase was within range at 32 U/L (Lab's range is 13-60 U/L). I had the MRI on 5/22/14. The MRI showed no spinal or muscular abnormalities. My physician then ordered a CT scan without contrast, which I had on 06/02/14,  because I had a weird reaction to it previously, but they made me drink a lot of water for the CT. It showed no abnormalities, but the radiologist said that viewing of the pancreas was incomplete because the scan was done without contrast. I had a CT scan 4 years ago with contrast and the radiologist mentioned the possible appearance of sludge, but an ultrasound ruled that out. I know no one's a doctor here, but does this sound more like a pancreatic problem than a gallbladder problem? I should mention that I have Hashimoto's and I take hydrocortisone for weak adrenal glands. I have an appointment scheduled to see a GI specialist soon.
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Amylase has to do with the pancreas. I'm sure you already know this if you're a nurse. It can mean inflammation, or, it could be high from certain medications.
They did mention sludge 4 years ago? I wonder if that might still be a problem? I know you had an ultrasound done but from what I've read a CT can be better. Sludge can cause pain and other problems.
You are getting some relief with meds, heat and rest so some of the pain could indeed be muscle related. Until you can get in to see the GI specialist consider seeing a chiropractor and massage therapist. I'm not saying this will take care of everything that's going on but it could possibly help. A good chiropractor will know if you have a sludge problem. Mine did. Before I ever saw a GI Dr and had a scope done, which said I had this problem, my chiropractor told me I had it.
Are your thyroid numbers within normal range?
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Thanks for responding. It's interesting that your chiropractor knew you had sludge. How did he/she know this without any testing? No, my TSH was around 3.0 about a month ago, which is way too high, and my frees were low. I've had a difficult time raising my FT3. I tried three different brands of NDT and they all gave me PACs and PVCs, so my endocrinologist put me back on levothyroxine. I had managed keeping weight off and I've finally lost the battle. I gained about 15 lbs in two months and I've been trying to get it off. The pain is more of a concern, though, because I'm afraid that there could be something seriously wrong with my pancreas.
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