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Feel like my esophagus is full?

Hi! For the past 2 months I have been on a rollercoaster of tests and reflux. I have lost 52 lbs, had an abdominal ultrasound(revealed tiny gallstones but they didnt seem worried about it), upper endoscopy (showed mild gastritis and a spasm of my valve), barium swallow study was next (totally normal, they didnt see the spasm), HIDA scan (showed deficient emptying of gallbladder, but they said it wasnt bad -although I didnt get a percentage), CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis which was normal and bloodwork which was pretty normal as well.  The family Dr put me on dexilant 60mg 1x/day which a month later the GI doc doubled to 2x/day plus asked me to take Gavescon since I wasnt getting total relief. Meanwhile, It was time for the asthma check up, and my lungs were wheezier than normal and she said my ouput of air wasnt so good -back on ADVAIR 250, 2x/day plus start claritin and use my Ventolin Inhailer prior to exercise.

So, Im definately getting relief from the burning sensation when I stay regular on the tummy meds. But, I get this feeling that my esophagus is full as soon as I eat, and even feel like I can taste whatever the last food was that I ate for hours later. I continue to burp alot and sometimes regurgitate (or is it food coming up with a burp). I feel like nothing really agrees with me so my intake is VERY limited right now and I continue to lose weight (which I dont really mind at all, but, I feel my nutrition is suffering - skin and hair). I was 250lbs on 8/11/12 and am  now 198lbs on 10/20/12.

Am I missing something? not doing something right? Dr's missing something? I just dont know what to do, but want to feel like my old self again!! All of this is causing me alot of anxiety as well - could that be playing into it all??

Any help would be so appreciated!!!!
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I checked the Internet and your medicine side effects of Advair- stomach problems. Common side effects persist or become bothersome when using Gaviscon Chewable tablets: Constipation; diarrhea. Dexilant  side effects: diarrhea, headache, nausea, stomach pain or gas,  vomiting
Also see a Gastro-enterologist about Chrons or ulcerative colitis.
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Thank you.....I appreciate your research!

I went back on Advair about 6 weeks after starting the Dexilant. I am seeing a GI doc, and will go again in 2 weeks. Using the liquid Gavescon which is so much more effective for me - thanks goodness!!!!

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