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Food poisoning?

6 hours ago I had a sudden onset of extreme lower stomach cramping. I tried to go to the bathroom but could not. I left work and during my ride home the cramping became so bad I was having a difficult time driving. I came home and finally went and it was a LOT! Sorry to be descriptive but the first part of it was large enough to block the toilet. I figured i must have been highly constipated and lunch probably just irritated everything.

But then diarrhea followed that with horrible cramps. Each episode lasting about 10 minutes apart. 6 hours later, these episodes are about 30 minutes apart. Every time the start, I have very severe lower stomach cramping as well as nausea (no vommiting, no fever, no other pain). At this point, again....sorry to be descriptive, I am just pooping blood. This started about 4 episodes ago, and that's all it is...just blood. Not a large amount, but enough to be clearly seen in the bowl.

The weird part is, in between these episodes I feel okay. The cramping and nausea are only when it happens. I would go to the doc but I do jot have insurance. If it continues to worsen I'll figur something out. So far the episodes are getting further part but he leading concerns me. Maybe I injured myself during the first bout of this but the leading onl started a couple hours ago.

Any thoughts?
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Sorry for the typos. I'm in bad on the iPad, lol
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Welcome to the gastroenterology community!  I would recommend that you see a doctor ASAP about this to make sure nothing serious is going on.
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