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Frequent Stools, Diarrhea, no pain


Sunday night I ate some chicken liver paste, sea bass with baby spinach and french fries and a chocolate cake with forest fruits at a restaurant. By the time that I got home, I was having a lot of gas, and the feeling that I had to move my bowels. I normally have one bowel movement a day, so this was a bit unexpected. The stool was looser than usual, but still normal. Flatulence continued after passing the stool. The next day, when I woke up I felt the urgent need to move my bowels, and I had some diarrhoea; there was a lot of undigested baby spinach leaves observable in it. The night was also followed by going to the toilet about 6-7 times, having diarrhoea, again with lots of undigested baby spinach leaves. There was no pain associated with this. I would suddenly feel the urge to pass stool associated with pain, but the pain would go away immediately after having passed my stool. The next day I passed loose stools, but not diarrhoea about 4 times (3 at night), some of them being pencil-thin. The following day, I passed a hard stool in the morning, and at night about 5-6 relatively soft stools (not diarrhoea though), the last being with a bit of mucus. Again no sustained pain was associated with the bowel movements, but the urgency was still there. I have taken no medication for the stomach problems. As for other medicines, I take 5mg of cipralex, a very small dose for quite a bit of time now. Could these problems be due to a stomach bug? What medications could I try to improve this condition? Any other recommendations? Thanks!

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It could be the combination of food you have. Just reading what you ate gave me stomach ache. I would give it a couple days to get out of your system. Have you experienced anything like this before? If you have you may have an allergy to something in what you're eating.
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Yes, I think it's because of the food. It's been getting slightly better, less bowel movements, but the urgency + pain is still there when it happens. And no, I haven't experienced anything like this before. Usually when I get an upset stomach I have serious pain which persists even after bowel movements. This type of pain goes away with a bowel movement.
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