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Funny feeling in my throat...?

I have a funny feeling like there's dust at the back of my throat and that there's an air bubble that wont go away!

I've had it before but only seem to get it when I'm starting with a cold (like now!) but it's an awful feeling and makes me feel really sick as if feels like i'm constantly swallowing air.

Its been there all day, but it gets a million times worse at night and even when I drink it doesn't remove this dry, dusty feeling and I just can't get any sleep with it :0(

Now it's actually making me be sick and I'm fed up!

Does anyone else suffer from anything like this or know what to do?

Its not something I have all the time, like I said - just when I'm getting a cold.....

Thank you!
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Does the air bubble in the back of your throat make it feel likes its hard to breathe? I once had this problem and I went to the doctor and they gave me a shot and said I had to get it because my throat could have closed up when i was sleeping! I don't have asthma or anything like that so it was really strange.
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Do you have tonsils?
It could be post nasal drip that is causing the "roughness" that feels like dust in your throat.
If your tonsils are swollen, depending on size, it could block your breathing.
There are a lot of ifs here, but you didn't really give much to go on....

Just some thoughts...
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