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GERD & Globus Pharyngeus

Is Gerd related to Globus Pharyngeus ? I have been diagnosed by endoscopy and have been confirmed that I have Gerd. I have now, I think recovered from that, but just recently, a month ago, I started to have a lump in the throat feeling. I woke up every morning having a very sour taste in my mouth and I feel that there is an object stuck on my throat. There is a bit of feeling of a heartburn also. I have been not keeping my weight down and have not really been controlling my diet and I have not been taking my medication regularly as instructed by my doctor.

My night cough has gone, but this lump in the throat feeling is there and I can feel it even though I am not swallowing. I have gone back to the doctor and he told me I have Globus Pharyngeus. I have read in many articles on the internet that this will normally takes something like 6 months or more to heal. Many of the articles states that little is known about Globus Pharyngeus. Is this really TRUE ??? Please can someone tell me.

Is this true ? Please HELP. Do people who have GERD, can also have Globus Pharyngeus if they are not carefull ?
How is the best to treat Globus Pharyngeus ? I have already been taking the medication for this but does really seem to work. Please help as I think I am really beginning to go NUTS. Anyway how can I confirm what I have now is really "Globus Pharyngeus" ? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE HELP ME. PLEASE SOMEBODY ADVISE ME ON THIS.

I have no fever, no rashes on my body, no body ache, no headache, no enlarge lymph node on my body, no night sweatting when I sleep, but I do from time to time have nose drip. My apeatite is ok but I am under alot of stress from this.

I have been to other medical clinic, and the doctor remark was Just relax, nothing to worry about. But How can I do that if I really do not know what is going on ???
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Globus is a sensation, not the presence of an actual lump. Many who have GERD experience globus, unfortuantely. It may take quite awhile for the sensation to subside, especially if you haven't been eating well and not taking the meds.

You need to go back on the meds as prescribed, and follow a GERD diet.
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I have exactly the same thing , hang in there , the best for me is Prevacid
Works great!
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I'm also there with you all. What I've found out is that combining certain foods is not good for your stomach because it makes it work harder. Go to this website by Sherry Brescia. Is good, is true, it works.    www.greattastenopain.com
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