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GI problems - blood in stool, coffee ground like vomit, stomach pain

First of, let me start by saying that I went to the doctor today for all my issues, however, I am not 100% confident in what was prognoses.  

I am a male, 30 years old, have a good diet, and exercise.  I am a moderate drinker and smoke socially.

I have been on 20 mgs of Celexa for 8 months and Well Butrin for 4 months 300 mgs.  My issues started about a month ago (maybe a little more).

1. Unexplained random brushing (a little more than 10 in total – which have stopped) lasted a few weeks
2. A week after that I felt terrible stomach pain – I thought it was ulcer (ish) so I started taking prilosec and the pain went away in 3 days.
3. Right after that I started noticing bright red blood in my stools – it coats the stool.  Not every time but recently more frequently
4. A week ago, I drank way too much on an empty stomach and threw up ‘coffee ground’ like vomit

My doc has chalked this all up to the fact that I was taking aspirin quite heavily for a week because of tooth pain.  Additionally, she thinks the bright red blood could be from hemorrhoids.  I have since researched the side effects and these are all possible side effects.

I have since found out that I really shouldn’t take aspirin and ibuprofen (which I use) not only that week.

Is it really possible that all of this be from my medication interacting with my alcohol and AD’s?  I hope so.  When and what signs should trigger my pursuing this further to see a GI doctor?  Should I continue taking my meds?

Thanks for listening.
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i think you should ask you dc for blood work and get a abdominal ultra sound...some of your symptoms sound like pancreatis...i am seeing the dc for some simalr symptoms to yours....and my doc said i might have an ulcer or soethings up with my pancreas...so i have been googling like a mad woman and your symptoms sound like pancreatits to me..but i dunno just and idea you should check it out!
coffe ground vomit is not good....
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I suggest that you ask for an endoscopy to uncover reasons for the "coffee-beans" content of your stomach liquids - this suggests bleeding within the stomach.

At the same time why not undergo a colonoscopy to check out the rectal bleeding - unless of course your doctor can be absolutely certain that the cause is minor such as haemorrohids or anal fissure.  Don't be satisfied with a statement such as "...well it looks as if it might be ---anal fissure/haemorrhoids...."  

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thank you both for your insight.  i have carefully thought about each of your comments and would appreciate more from anyone else.   i really hope to get to the bottom of this.  i wish you the best with your health
For me also happend same..kindly suggest which doctor need to consult.Now for u how it is.plz help me.
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