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Gall bladder removal

I've been reading the posts on post-gallbladder removal and wanted to share my story. I started having stomach problems at about 14 and it got really bad in my late teens. I started having severe gallbladder attacks but because they were on and off I never went to the doctor. Each time i wokeup in the middle of the night in pain I told myself I would go, but then the next morning I felt fine so I felt silly persuing it. Finally almost a year later I had my gallbladder out and my stomach problems in the past two years have only gotten worse. Unpredictable, running to the bathroom almost right after I eat..mainly w/ breakfast or when I eat after not having eaten for awhile. I have to take zantac twice a day for extreme heartburn as well. I went back to my gastroentorologist (sp) and had a colonoscopy and endoscopy. He said I had gastritis and irritable bowel syndrome. He couldn't really tell me why and never mentioned the gall bladder surgery as a possible cause. I've finally just come to terms with it...I have an Activia yogurt everyday which helps the diareha (sp) and my zantac twice a day and Dyciclomine as needed. The Dyciclomine helps with stomach cramping for when I wake up feeling like I'm having a gall bladder attack all over again. As It seems like I have some good weeks and some really bad weeks w/ my stomach, so I take the Dicyclomine as needed. I take it alot when traveling since I'm so fearful of having to use the bathroom. I too have become very familiar w/ public restrooms! The dicyclomine helps if you take it like an hr before you need it but since its suppose to help w/ pain and overall slow the process of digestion so you're not running to the bathroom, it also slows me down and makes me a little drowsy, so i only take it when I have to. I am truly trying not to let this affect me so much thatI dont go out anymore. When traveling or stressful situations I will eat very little, take my meds and when traveling especially I began taking anxiety medicine. My anxiety abouthaving to use the bathroom during a car trip or flight is awful, so in those situations I take Ativan to help me relax, since stress just makes my symptoms even worse. Recently I did a 6 miles run even though and took all precautions before I left and still ended up having an embarrassing episode where I had to keep running to the bathroom but, I got through it and ultimately I'd rather learn to manage it and take chances then miss out because of stomach problems.
I'm 25, no kids yet, the doctor said sometimes after giving birth many women no longer have irritable bowel syndrome so I'm hoping thats the case! Oh yea, last thing I wanted to mention, I'm a vegetarian and lead a low fat diet so its not like i'm scarfing down fatty foods and I'm stillhaving these symptoms. I work out daily and eat right and am stuck at the same weight. I think part of the issue is when I do have abowl movement its like theres undigested food..I feel like my body isn't absorbing the nutrients from food properly after my surgery. That can cause alot of problems in the future so I really hope it goes away!
hang in there everyone! I know its not easy but at least theres alot of us in the same boat!

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