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Gastric Bypass Surgery and Muscle Spasms

I am almost 15 years post bypass surgery.  I have been experiencing muscle spasms for the past two years.  They  are in my lower extremities (feet, toes, calves, thighs), arms (forearms) & hands (including fingers or whole hands), but never upper extremities or torso.  The spasms can last for several minutes & can occur in more than one place.  They are usually triggered by vigorous exercise such as dancing, but also occur in the absence of such activities & do not occur while I am active, only after I finish.  

These spasms are debilitating and excruciatingly painful.  Yesterday they were so severe that I had to call 911 and was taken the emergency room in an ambulance!

My doctor has prescribed Gabapentin, but I have to take up to 5 capsules for any relief and it is usually only after 2 hours of suffering.  I take B12, iron, and magnesium daily and all of my lab work is normal. I have Type 1 autoimmune diabetes and take insulin and I also have thyroid disease and take synthroid.

I would appreciate any directions you can suggest; my internist is pretty much out of ideas and the pain is unbearable.

Thank you.
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