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Gastric cramps/discomfort for half a year with most tests done.

Hi there,

I really need some help here!

I am a 24 year old male.

A list of my history:
1. Anxiety disorder - Of course including some extensive paranoia over certain diseases
2. Have gastritis on and off for many years. None of which lasted more than a month.
3. Some thyroid problems but thats cured already.

So now goes my rant people, sorry!

During March this year, i did my routine full blood test (cause im paranoid all the time so id like to do frequent blood tests). And the stool was collected as well, the doctor says there is traces of blood on the stool so i freaked out and insisted for a colonoscopy to be done. During that period of time, my gastric start to feel discomfort already so i told my doctor about it. He agreed to do a colonoscopy for me and all went fine except for a small polyps inside. Fast forward to end of April, i found out my gastric discomfort has not subsided and got really worried, so i went to do an endoscopy + a ct scan on my upper abdomen to rule out some possbile diseases. All went well and doctor said beside some slight inflammation nothing wrong w my stomach. So again, i put up with the discomfort.

Fast forward till now, which is freaking October, my gastric problem isnt solved yet after taking from a range of different medicines including the regular omeprazles to the better ones such as pariet. And tried other medications but none really helped much i feel.

So mainly, this discomfort is hard to describe, it is definitely not pain in the abdominal, but rather like a cramp feeling or bloated feeling on the upper abdominal place all the time. I tend to burp more often than not and when i burp sometimes it gives me relief for a second. It is really bothering me because the medicine for bloating or gastritis isnt helping and i am more depressed than ever... It has no fixed timing and sometimes can  last the whole day. Although recent days i feel more bloated at night... I asked a few GP but they said since i did the scopes and cts so recently, they do not think it is necessary again to go to a gastroenterologist for the tests again...

Help pls. It is really making me sad and anxious and i cant concentrate on my uni studies... omggg
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stop taking all those medications. you dont need them. you can cure all of this by changing your diet, reducing stress, and exercise.
Anxiety on its own will wreak havoc on your digestive system.
Your paranoia is causing your anxiety, which is causing your discomfort.
Drink water and only water. no coffee, tea, soda, juice. JUST WATER.
Eat healthy. no gluten, dairy, or soy.
Eat Chicken, turkey, fish and veggies. Cook in organic coconut oil or steam everything. NO FRIED FOOD.
Go to a healthfood store and pick up a strong probiotic. Start with 30-50 billion cultures, get the one with the most strains of good bactera.
Do yoga and/or learn meditation. The sooner you can control your anxiety, the sooner you will feel better. Worry is stress. And stress causes the problem.
All the meds you mentioned are for acid reflux and are only meant to be taken for a month, at most. Doctors dont know **** about the gut. they try to solve everything with medication. More often than not, medication will make things worse. So stop taking the meds. And if youre taking any antibiotics, IMMEDIATLEY STOP. If its not a bacterial infection, taking antibiotics will only cause more harm to your body.
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