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Gastritis accompanied with pins and needles on palm of hands and feet

Hi guys, I have gastritis for about 4 years now. Medication helps to some extent. Three years ago I took ritalin and didn't noticed the expire date. Ever since than, I've been having these strange symptoms of pins and needles on top of my hands (the palms especially) and on the feet sometimes simultaneously, sometimes not. Sometimes it's itchy, not always, leaving prominent red mark after scratch and disappearing the next minute. It almost looks like an alergic reaction. These symptoms are mostly prominent when I eat sugar, take ritalin on empty stomach, coffee (all things that are not reccomended with gastritis). Also when I am in siting position the symptoms are more noticible. I did an endoscopy and the doctor said that I have mild gastritis and that the symptoms I am describing were not conected with it. I don't buy it. I did complete blood check, my B12 is fine, my thyroid is okay, I am anemic, but always have been... Has anyone of you guys faced such symptom with gastritis? I don't know what to do anymore. Tnx in adavnce for your help.
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